Receive a $10 Reward

for every $200 spent at Glazed

How it works


Upon enrollment, every purchase you make will count

towards earning your reward. Once you reach

$200 in cumulative purchases, you will earn a $10 credit.

Your $10 credit will not be active until 24 hours

after you have earned it. You will have three months

to redeem your credit before it expires. 

(Please note, rewards credits cannot be redeemed the same day they are earned)


Register in-studio during your next visit!

To register you must provide a first and last name, email address, telephone number and mailing address (optional). Once you have opted to register for our rewards program and we have obtained your information you are able to start earning rewards!

Each time you make a purchase, your rewards balance will print out at the bottom of your receipt for your own record.

We track everything for you though, so don't worry about carry around any easy to lose papers. 


A sales associate will notify you at checkout when you have a credit available to redeem. You can also view your balance at the bottom of your most recent receipt. Your credit may be redeemed on any purchase over $10 (excluding sales tax). The full $10 credit must be used at one time, we are not able to split it up among multiple purchases. Credits may not be used towards the purchase of gift certificates or on shipping costs. You are welcome to save your credit for a future purchase however, it does expire 3 months after it has been earned and only one $10 credit can be redeemed per purchase. 


All purchases accumulate to earn rewards with the exception of gift certificate purchases, shipping costs, rewards credits, redemption of other coupons, and sales tax. Rewards credits may not be combined with any other offers. 

Rewards credits have no cash value and are non-transferable.

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